Small Projects

The purpose of the small projects is to help you understand classic CGNP algorithms by implementing them. There are two small projects planned. See schedule for due dates.

The projects are:

  1. 2D L-systems. Code up edge rewriting 2D L-systems as in Section 5.3 of the textbook. It should be possible, though it may involve a recompile, to change the rule system and number of applications. The program should generate some kind of image. I am guessing that you'll use OpenGL or DirectX for this. UI may be arbitrarily bad. Ilya has finished his and made it available on the web. His project is one example of what I am looking for.
  2. 2D Midpoint Displacement. Just implement 2D midpoint displacement. The program should generate some kind of image.

For these projects, turn in

  • Your code
  • A screenshot or image output uploaded to the gallery
  • Short paragraph describing what you learned from the project
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