Lecture 16

Foundational ideas

  • different kinds of npr trees.
  • leaves: Depth-differencing algorithm using the z buffer.
  • leaves: disk size and depth difference threshold.
  • leaves: abstract primitives (ie leaves)
  • trunk: Difference image algorithm and Floyd-Steinburg as the alternate. See M. Salisbury, M. Wong, J. F. Hughes, and D. Salesin. Orientable textures for image-based pen-and-ink illustration. In SIGGRAPH ’97 Conference Proceedings. ACM SIGGRAPH, 1997.
    • Difference image algorithm builds on ideas of user input for tone, direction and texture
    • Each stroke covers some of the importance in a region computed using a blur.
    • comparison of blurred illustration with original image resets importance.
    • Next stroke gets the next-most important area.
    • iterate until all importances are below a certain threshold.
    • Floyd-Steinburg dithering discussion at Wikipedia.
  • everything: lod through non linear mapping on depth differencing.
  • and graftals.
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