There will be a midterm and a final. See class schedule for dates.


The midterm will be in the testing center take-home, open book, open notes, open everything except asking other people with one page of notes.

Question on the midterm will be taken from the following list of topics:

  • use of local information versus global information in both plant and terrain modeling.
  • discuss algorithms based on appearance and models based on process in both plant and terrain modeling.
  • fractal dimensions for fractals created by combining scaled copies of a single shape.
  • L-systems.
  • hierarchies of objects to model plants as used in XFrog
  • comparing different methods for modeling plants in terms of how artists or other non-technical people might use those models.
  • modeling trees from photographs as discussed in Neubert's 2007 SIGGRAPH paper
  • fractional Brownian motion, relationship between frequency and amplitude, how it works to model terrain.
  • Musgrave's model of erosion and weathering on heightfields.
  • Navier-Stokes equations: meaning of each term, how gradients, divergence and the Laplacian are used to model fluid dynamics.
  • compare terrain erosion algorithms in 2D and 3D including strengths and weaknesses.
  • compare terrain models based on heightmaps and voxel grids.


The final will be take-home.

Study lists for both exams will appear in this space about a week before the exam.

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